About Us

The Goal


Our aim at HydraCell is to develop products that are environmentally conscious, reducing waste, whilst also providing the most user friendly products on the market.

The HydraCell Saltwater Charger & Light, evolved from this search.  A portable, safe and ecologically friendly alternative to battery powered lighting and charging products.

HydraCell products are aimed at reducing the waste associated with single-use batteries and hope to raise awareness of alternative energy solutions.


A lighter way.


Without the need to carry heavy batteries, HydraCell torches are much lighter than many other torches of the same output.

HydraCell Technology allows for a lot more freedom to carry the other more important things you need.

No more bad Batteries.


Did you know that according to the EPA, each year American’s throw away more than 3 billion batteries? That’s about 180,000 tons, many of which are single use alkaline batteries – an expensive and environmentally damaging habit.

Powered by a salt water energy cell, HydraCell does not operate using a conventional battery, yet still provides the portability of a standard light. Now we think thats a great step to a cleaner future.


On your terms.

You can now charge your phone or light easily without the need for conventional batteries, sun or wind power. At HydraCell we believe a light should work when you need it and not have to be prepared or charged before use.

A must-have in emergency situations and a great alternative for camping, boating and other off-the-grid adventures, with HydraCell, all you need is water.