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Product Queries

Product FAQ’s.

Q: How does it work? 

A: Dip the hydra-cell for approx. 10-15 seconds in any water, this causes a chemical reaction between magnesium and oxygen, inducing an ionic exchange releasing electrons (power), which are then collected by the carbon cathode collector and converted into power.

Q:How long does one cell last?

A. One cell will give you roughly 200+ hours of power. That means 200+ hours of turned on light time.


Q: How long can I store it?

A: From new there is a 25+ year shelf life if stored clean and dry.


Q: How many times can I dip it?

A: as many times as you like, although we do recommend you add 5% salt solution (tablespoon of salt in a glass of water, ocean) after the 5th dip onwards. This is required if the power output is down and to maintain same brightness.


Q: When does the power output stop?

A: From new until the magnesium rod is needle thin there’s a linear power output (same power until the rod has been consumed). The cell is exhausted when the Anode is fully depleted


Q: How do I recharge the battery?

A: It’s not a battery its an oxygen fuel cell (a low power generator) and to restart the cell you simply need to re-dip it again for 10 seconds. (Until the consumable Anode is depleted)


Q: What if I just keep it submerged, will I have abundant power?

A: No as oxygen is the fuel if it is submerged eventually the chemical reaction will stop (needs to breathe) also as there’s an absorbent membrane holding the liquid it could swell and cause damage to the cell.


Q: Does it have to be water?

A: No, you can use almost any liquid within reason (not oil), from beer to peroxide, even urine works well.


Q: Can it power my car?

A: No, the technology is low power, high power density, meaning any low power appliance we can power and with our Hybrid version provide a full 5V USB Output .


Q: What is it?

A: Hydra-cell is an oxygen fuel cell which releases electrons once dipped in water for 10 seconds through a chemical reaction between magnesium (the consumable) and oxygen, salt water is the catalyst inducing the ionic exchange bridge, however we’ve infused salt into a membrane in the cell, allowing for any liquid to be used.


Q: Can I put it into My other products?

A: No, because the cell is only 1/3 of the puzzle more importantly is the electronics board which regulates and controls the output of the cell and finally our products vent as oxygen is needed.


Q: What power output does it have?

A: from the cell every output is variable with amperage ranging from 1-2 amps, voltage from 1-1.5 volts, this power is then boost through our electronics to efficiently power Led Lights or trickle charge internal Lithium Ion Battery in our Hybrid products this in turn then allows us to charge cell phones etc.


Q: How long will it take to charge my phone?

A: There’s a 4000 milliamp hour lithium ion battery which can be  trickle charged by our cells &  combination solar panel this then allows for a standard 5 volt USB output, charging a phone at the same rate as any other charger.

Q:How do I know if my Hydra-Cell needs to be replaced?

A: Generally a Hydra-Cell will need to be replaced after more than 300 hours of runtime. If you are experiencing low light or constantly having to dip the Energy Cell, it may need to be replaced.

The replaceable Energy Cell can be stored prior to first use for 25+ years and is activated instantly to full capacity simply by dipping in water. Once activated the cell will operate continuously under load, requiring only periodic re-hydration.

In certain conditions the Hydra-Cell will dry out prematurely, especially in warm environments and may need to be dipped in water more frequently.

Q:Does the cell have to be dipped in salt water?

A. The answer is ultimately yes. However, the first 4-5 dips can be in fresh water. After this time, you need to switch to salt water. This can be ocean water or table salt in tap water (5% solution). This is approximately 5gms of salt in 95mls of water. Or roughly 50gms of salt and 950mls of water will make 1L of 5% solution.

Q:Is there any harmful chemical residue?

A. No, the residue from the Hydra-Cell is entirely biodegradable.

Q:Can you buy spare cells?

A. Yes, you can buy spare cells. They will be available to consumers in both single and double blister packs.

Q:How long does the product last?

A. From new, the products have an unlimited shelf life if they remain sealed as they came and stored clean and dry.


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FAQ’s – Returns

You can return any item within 30 days of purchase if the item is in its original condition in the original packaging.

Please contact info@hydralight.com.au prior to returning any items. Purchaser is responsible for all shipping and insurance costs for return of goods.

Faulty items to be reported to info@hydralight.com.au prior to return.

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